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In-Patient Care

At VOSD, we understand that sometimes your beloved canine companion needs extra care and attention, whether it’s for a day or a few days.The VOSD in-patient care facility is designed to provide comprehensive medical care for dogs requiring overnight stays, including post-operative care and critical cases requiring urgent treatment. 

For admission, your dog must have a prescription from their doctor to ensure they receive the appropriate care. We offer two kennel sizes for large and medium-sized dogs, along with six kennels specifically designed for pups and small dogs. Our kennels are made of stainless steel and non-skid granite flooring for hygiene and safety. The Clinic has a dedicated area for treatment, equipped with 2 stainless steel tables for IV treatment and various other medical procedures. It also has a dedicated room for grooming, so you can pamper your pooch!

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Transparency & Openness

The VOSD In-Patient Care Clinic is equipped with Continuous CCTV surveillance which ensures the utmost transparency and security- with live feeds accessible on the VOSD.in website 24/7. The Clinic also includes amenities for the pet parent.  This includes of a dedicated room with a built-in bath and air conditioning for you to stay with your dog during the course of their treatment.  

The VOSD In-Patient Care aims to provide the most transparent and open treatment in the country for your pets.

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