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Timely & Advanced


VOSD advanced vet care prioritizes your dog’s well-being through advanced and comprehensive diagnostic services. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a range of essential tests, ensuring precise insights into your pet’s health.

At VOSD advanced vet care, the commitment to utilizing advanced technology and experienced professionals ensures accurate and timely diagnostic results, guiding informed decisions for the best care of your beloved canine companion. 

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Diagnostics tests

vosd vet blood test

Blood Tests

Covering complete blood counts, chemistry panels, and glucose assessments, we evaluate overall health, organ function, and screen for diabetes


vosd dog xray

Imaging Diagnostics

Utilizing X-rays and ultrasound, we capture detailed images to assess bones, internal organs, and soft tissues, aiding in accurate diagnoses

vosd vet urine test

Urinalysis and Fecal Tests

Routine examinations detect kidney function, urinary tract infections, and gastrointestinal issues through the analysis of urine and fecal samples.

vosd vet dog

Microbiology and Genetic Testing

Bacterial and fungal cultures identify infections, while genetic testing unveils breed-specific health risks and potential genetic conditions.

vosd vet dog heart

Endocrine and Cardiac Diagnostics

Assessing thyroid and adrenal function, electrocardiograms, and heartworm antigen tests ensure a thorough evaluation of endocrine and cardiac health.

vosd dog allergy test

Allergy Testing and Specialized Tests

Identifying allergens through skin and blood tests, and conducting cytology and biopsies for detailed cellular analysis

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