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India's most sophisticated veterinary treatments by India's leading vets

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VOSD is a pioneer in advanced veterinary treatments. Surgeries & Treatments available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi and across India – through our network of vet clinics, mobile clinics, remote/ cloud vets and VOSD AI – the world’s first dog specific Artificial Intelligence.


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VOSD treats thetoughest referral cases

VOSD treats the toughest cases from across India referred to us, from Heart complications, Cancers,  Kidney & Liver failure, chronic skin problems, gastrointestinal complications, chronic uterine diseases, drug resistant strains and many more. 

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why choose VOSD?

VOSD delivers India's Best Vet Care

Leadership in Advanced Veterinary Care

Pioneering sophisticated treatments with India's leading vets, VOSD.Vet boasts over a decade of leadership, delivering 1 million treatments, saving 30,000 lives, and conducting 75,000+ diagnostic tests.

Nationwide Reach with Cutting-Edge Technology

Offering advanced veterinary care across India through a comprehensive network of vet clinics, mobile clinics, remote/cloud vets, and leveraging innovative technologies such as CloudVets and VOSD AI – the world's first dog-specific Artificial Intelligence.

Specialized Expertise in Canine Health

Renowned for expertise in a spectrum of specialized veterinary fields, including Cardiology, Dentistry, Dermatology, Hemodialysis, Ophthalmology, Oncology, ensuring comprehensive and top-tier care for your dog.

Global Recognition as India's Largest Referral Hospital

VOSD.Vet is globally recognized as India's largest referral hospital, solidifying its commitment to providing world-class veterinary treatments. With 500,000 life-saving treatments, it stands as a beacon of excellence in the veterinary care landscape.

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