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Cardiology Services for Dogs at VOSD.Vet


Discover specialized Cardiology Services for your canine companion at VOSD.Vet. Our dedicated team of veterinary cardiologists is committed to providing comprehensive care, including advanced diagnostics, treatments, and surgeries tailored to your dog’s unique cardiac needs.

Diagnostic Precision: Benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities equipped with advanced diagnostic tools such as echocardiograms, electrocardiograms (ECG/EKG), and radiographs. These technologies enable us to precisely assess your dog’s cardiac health, allowing for accurate diagnoses of a wide range of cardiac conditions.

Tailored Treatment Plans: Collaborating closely with your family veterinarian, we create individualized health plans for your dog. Whether managing arrhythmias, addressing heartworm disease, or navigating congestive heart failure, our team is dedicated to improving the quality and length of your pet’s life through personalized care.

Expert Surgical Interventions: Our veterinary cardiologists specialize in various surgical procedures, including balloon valvuloplasty, cutting balloon dilation, and stent placement. These interventions aim to relieve cardiovascular obstructions, correct abnormalities, and enhance your dog’s overall cardiac function.

Leadership in Canine Cardiology: VOSD.Vet’s cardiologists contribute to national and international clinical studies, advancing cardiac therapies and deepening our understanding of heart disease in dogs. With over a decade of leadership, we have delivered 1 million treatments, saved 30,000 lives, and conducted 75,000+ diagnostic tests.

Choose VOSD.Vet for unparalleled expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a steadfast commitment to the cardiac well-being of your cherished canine companion. Schedule a consultation today to ensure your dog’s heart receives the best care available.


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